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Our Submit-a-Plan Applicant and Agent Accounts

About our Client Portal
Designed to improve efficiency of service in all areas DataSpace Live not only provides local authorities will the tools and functionality they need to process and approve applications but also comes with an advanced client portal for their applicants and agents.
Applicants and agents can register for a secure online Submit-a-Plan Account where they can submit building control applications to different authorities, all in one place. 
Not only is it free to register for a Submit-a-Plan account but there is no extra charge for applicants to submit an application using the portal other than the usual application fee set by the authority.
Functionality Included
Core functionality of the portal includes 24 hr online submission, the upload of additional or revised documents and online tracking of application status and activity, however we also offer a range of more advanced functionality. 
As well as being to view live updates and instantly receive documents about their application’s inspection visits, plan-checking, consultation and approval, applicants and agents can also submit initial notices, request inspection visits or respond to conditions and requests for more information, allin one place online in their Submit-a-Plan account.
Our Submit-a-Plan Client Portal boasts an extensive list of features all aimed at ultimately improving the application process, customer service and the provision of information to home owners and clients. Below is a summary of the functionality applicants and agents can use within their online Submit-a-Plan accounts.
Client Portal Summary:
Core Functionality
  • Free Submit-a-Plan account
  • No extra charge for submission
  • 24/7 online application submission
  • Straightforward electronic application forms
  • Attach documents and plans
  • Upload additional or revised documents
  • Download/Print application form
  • Email submission receipt
  • Email notification updates
  • Track application status
  • View application activity
  • Email authority
  • Electronic Application storage
  • Pre-Application submission & advice
  • Online access from any location with internet
  • Submit-a-Plan phone, email & online support
Advanced Functionality
  • Online application payment
  • Submit initial notices
  • Request inspection visits
  • Live updates on inspections & plan-checking
  • Respond to conditions & requests for more information or documents online
  • Receive approval certificates, reports & other documents straight to account

In their accounts applicants or agents can respond to conditions and upload further information or documents requested by an authority using PlanCheck  

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