The 'Live Overview' Tab 

Live application summary at a glance!

More and more customers are now using DataSpace Live as their back office system, and in response to this we have added some much requested functionality. In a traditional application file there is normally a cover sheet which notes or summarises the main details of the application. Now within DataSpace Live however, this has become an online, live and much more efficient electronic version entitled the “Live Overview”. 
The ‘Live Overview’ is a new tab next to the ‘Details’ tab within each application and is split into 2 sections, the ‘System Panel’ where its information is maintained by the DSLive system by pulling key details automatically from the online application and the ‘User Defined Panel’ where the authority can itself go on to add and then edit any further application information they wish to be visible in the summary.
System Panel>
This panel displays key details of the application pulled automatically from the system such as:
  • Main Application Details: Work location, applicant, agent, description, application type, SAP or Back Office ID numbers, assigned officer and workflow status.
  • Live Statuses: Such as an application's current Plancheck and Inspection information or status. Clicking on any live data such as “Inspection Information” or “PlanCheck Information” will also take you straight to the relevant 'PlanCheck' or 'Inspections' tab in the online application for more details.
  • Comments: At the very bottom of this panel you will see a ‘Comments’ section. Here will be displayed the most recent notes or urgent comments added to the application by the authority using our brand new ‘Comments’ tool. 
User Defined Panel>
This panel will contain editable fields that enable you to enter or return and update further application details at any time during processing and approving it:
  • Example Details: Add an application’s category or type or a target date to complete processing. Why not enter plan-checking and inspection fees when calculated as well as the statuses of such payments as they change over time. 
  • Field Types: There are a range of field 'types' to choose from for entering your desired info - such as ‘text’ fields, ‘number’ fields, ‘pick list’ fields, ‘choose date from calendar’ or ‘self-populating’ fields to automatically pull more info from the system. Alternatively you can simply use or adjust the pre-setup templates we’ve created for you.
  • Multiple Summaries: You will be able to setup different sets of summary fields for different types of application in case the information you wish to display will vary between those applications. 

The 'Live Overview' Tab

The ‘Live Overview’ tab is visible as soon as you open an application on your screen in DSLive. It aims to provide the most efficient and up-to-date summary of an application possible, reducing the time you spend looking through applications for details and instead enabling all members of your team to stay well-informed of each application’s status and progress at a simple glance.
Note: The editable fields of the ‘User Defined Panel’ are first set up by an allocated admin user in your team. Simply contact us about setting up an admin user for your authority. They will then be able to return and edit the fields at any time.
For assistance or help setting up the 'Live Overview' tab for your authority, please contact us at any time on the contact details below.

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